Anu Säilynoja

Architect SAFA
+358 44 788 5187

“As an architect my main objective is to help people to live a better life physically and socially. My main focus is to contribute that future generations would have the same – or rather better – possibilities to that than we have now. To find a better future we need strength, creativity and brave visions to reach. Following the path consists on small and realistic steps. Creativity and true strength lie in accepting vulnerability and daring to fail.
I believe that built environment which creates happiness allows its users to make continuous trials and errors. That kind of environment must be planned to bear/deliver/persist/withstand/nurture/foster life. This is why all the planning has to be done carefully, aiming to take all the alternatives and needs into account. This is why I love to work in Kanttia2. It lets me grow as a person and as an architect. Here I am challenged to reach for alternative visions and pathways.”