Kant•tia2 /kant-tia kak-si/ ’kanttia kaks’

1 (noun): two structural connections or sides e.i corners 2 (adverb1): to have guts, have the nerve or audacity to go through with something 3 (adverb2): to look at things from two angles or perspectives.

We believe in loving what we do.

We believe in constant challenging of our whole industry. We believe in the power and outcome of taking another perspective. Our design process is strongly based on interaction between the designers and the client. We listen closely to our client’s dreams and visions, aiming to convert them into built environment, ready to be experienced. The key of our work is seeing opportunities – each project is unique, created from a basis of its own.

Our job is to be creative – to think. That is our main product. We want to constantly create new kind of concepts – to design better built environment. We utilise the fields of sociology, ecology and technology to create new, cross-disciplinary innovations. Our partners in cooperation from different fields and our wide networks enable working with cross-cutting projects. Besides architecture, we also work with interior design. This enables us to continue seamlessly from community planning into different scales of building design, and all the way into careful detailing.

Our special interest is in how built environment is related to the quality of life, to human happiness. We believe that well planned environment gives opportunities for a better life. It correlates to happiness. Flexibility of a home and lively social networks in a neighbourhood are examples on how our work is reflected on people’s lives. Above all we want to design spaces, buildings and places, which are characterised by emotion – our aim is to touch people with architectural means.

Kanttia 2 – Designing Happiness.