Kanttia 2 was founded to create happiness with the help of built environment.

All our work is based on real will to listen and understand the customer and the space user – to help them with our creative multidisciplinary approach.

Nowadays we are an international team of over 30 architects, interior architects, designers and other specialists in several fields: Concepting and user experience / Principal designer qualification (pääsuunnittelu) / Property and regional planning / Mass customization / Interior and furniture design / Ecological design / Building permission process / Land use / Branding / 3D-visualization / BIM.

We believe in constant challenging of our whole industry. We believe in the power and outcome of taking another perspective. Our special interest is the relation between built environment and the quality of life – designing spaces that are characterized by the emotion and happiness.

Our job is to be creative – to think. We see design as a creative process that is based on good background work. We utilise the fields of sociology, ecology and technology to create new, cross-disciplinary innovations and concepts. Our wide network enables working with cross-cutting projects. We lead the project seamlessly from service design to community planning and to different scales of building design, all the way into careful detailing.

Kanttia 2 – Designing Happiness.

kant-tia kak-si
’kanttia kaks’

two structural connections or sides i.e. corners
2 (adverb1) to have guts, have the nerve or audacity to go through with something
3 (adverb2) to look at things from two angles or perspectives.